Personalization is a cornerstone of marketing. Customers are much more likely to develop brand loyalty if a company knows them by name, remembers their purchasing history, or provides them with recommendations based on their personal preferences. And it makes sense right? If you give people what they want, they are more than happy to do business with you. This is why we will cover the importance of developing a personalized website and its impact on your conversion and retention numbers.

How does personalization apply to a website?

Personalized websites will present content to your visitors based on their preferences and past behavior. The benefits of adding personalization to your site are numerous, from decreasing the cost of customer acquisition, to increasing the lifetime value of your customers, and lowering your bounce rate. All these benefits are top priorities for any business and its marketing department, and they can sometimes be very expensive to achieve, especially under one budget or with a single campaign.

Personalization will also do wonders for your brand and set you apart from your competition. Many customers have grown accustomed to the personalized experiences that they have with other companies, products and services, and meeting this expectation automatically creates a sense of connection with your brand.

The website personalization process

So how does website personalization work in practice? It starts by researching and understanding the various user segments that will visit your website. This can be done both in real-time as your users take actions on the website, and based on past behavior/stated preferences. Real-time targeting can take cues from user actions and provide them with effective content. These actions can include browsing women’s shoes for example, or watching videos about cooking.

Once you start to understand the behavior of your users, you then start to plan compelling experiences for them while they are on the site. Of course, these experiences are just a first step, and some of them may be duds when you roll them out, but this is where measurement and iteration comes into play. A/B testing has been used successfully in marketing for decades, and it works much better on the internet, because the results are almost instantaneous, and changes can be made very quickly. With these tools, you can cycle through experiences until you find the ones that resonate the most, and which have the highest returns.

Are you interested in a personalized website for your business?

Personalized websites can provide great returns on investment, and they are a top priority for many companies looking to improve their brand and create a better connection with their customers. At Bamboo we help you set up the digital infrastructure that makes it all possible, allowing your marketing team to customize the personalized experiences easily. If you would like to find out more about this type of website, or if you have any questions regarding our pricing, services and development process, contact us today, and we will gladly help you out.


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