Photography for entrepreneurs


Good photography will give your marketing campaigns a huge boost but getting good photos can be either expensive or time consuming. However, you can save on both time and money with the right approach. 


With photography, entrepreneurs can create engaging social media posts, and bring flair to their website. For example, having photos of your team on the website will help you create more trust with your prospective customers, especially in a B2B setting. You can also use these photos in marketing brochures, ads and pretty much everything else. So how can you leverage this capability for your business?




When photographing products, you can invest in some lighting equipment to make the photos really pop. If you use a couple of off-camera lights, some light modifiers such as umbrellas that soften the light, and place lights at 45-degree angles on both sides of the product, you can get some very professional looking photos. You can experiment with various setups, and there are plenty of tutorials online explaining how you can best do this. The lighting equipment is also very affordable nowadays thanks to numerous advances in technology and manufacturing.


Using your cellphone


Smartphone cameras have gotten so good over the past few years, that if you have a relatively new phone, you will not need to invest in a new camera to take amazing photos. Some phones will also have the option to use grid lines which can help with framing. There are a lot of rules to composition, and with a bit of research, you can start framing photos in new and exciting ways. You also want to use optical instead of digital zoom whenever you record something in the distance. Digital zoom lowers the quality of the photo, making it grainier, reducing its resolution and even capturing any vibration that you may induce with your hands.


Speaking of shaking and vibrations, you definitely want to avoid unintentional blurry pictures. In order to do this, you should use a tripod. Even if you have a steady hand, nothing can match the tripod when it comes to stability and versatility. You can try several different techniques as well, from time-lapses to long-exposures. Tripods come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even find pocket-sized tripods that have been specifically designed for the smartphone. Some will come with adaptable cases, or you can find a case for your phone model that matches your tripod.


Finally, you might want to use a remote shutter. Setting a timer and running back and forth to take pictures can be difficult, but with a remote shutter you can set up the perfect selfie and take multiple pictures from a distance whenever you feel you have hit the right pose. This is perfect for social media posts, depending on your type of business. You can also use it for group photos and photos at conventions. A small accessory that could prove essential in certain situations.


Food photography tips


Some of the businesses that rely the most on photography are in the food industry. Hiring a photographer to take pictures of a delicious dish you sell at your restaurant, or of an amazing pastry you sell at your store can become very expensive, very fast. Using the tips above, you can slash costs and take amazing pictures. 


For food in particular, there are few elements that you can add to improve your photos. First, make sure to garnish. A sprinkling of green herbs, or some crumbs from a graham cracker can add a special touch to any dish. You then want to invest in some backdrops. Colored foam boards are perfect for this, and they are very inexpensive. And speaking of decor, you can find so many napkins designs out there that will add flair to your pictures for as little as $1. When you need to add some extra color, shape, and texture to a picture, you cannot go wrong with the right napkin. 


If photography is not your thing, with the help of these tips and a pinch of creativity you can develop skills that allow you to take excellent photographs to promote your business both on social networks and on your website. If you are looking for advice to grow your business, contact us today.


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