How do I get my customers back to my application?


Did you know that over 75% of all downloaded apps are opened only one time, according to This is quite a staggering number, and if you have invested in a mobile app for your business, you want it to be a part of the 25% that stay on a user’s phone for longer. How can this be achieved? Here are some of the factors that can help:

Simplicity of the application

Easy to use apps are naturally more appealing to users. If a user downloads an app, and fumbles with it for several minutes without being able to get anything done, he will eventually delete the app. A simple, easy to use app, that has excellent UX and perhaps an onboarding process, will be more accessible to a larger segment of the user base. On-boarding is particularly useful if the functionality of your app is complex. With on-boarding, you have to condense usage information in 3-5 pages at the start of the app in order to help the user understand how to make the most of your app’s features. When implemented correctly, it can be a very powerful tool.

Benefits for customers

Of course, it’s not enough for an app to be easy to use, it also has to be useful. This is where the benefits that the customers can draw from your app come in. Benefits can range from convenience, to special offers, notifications when products that they may be interested in become available, and various features that make their lives a bit easier.

Diversify payments systems

So you have a useful app that is simple and accessible. The client is ready to make a purchase. However, as soon as he hits the checkout button, he’s met with barely a handful of payment options. This is a deal breaker. Different clients prefer different payment options – some will prefer credit cards, others will prefer online payment gateways, and others still will prefer direct bank transfers. The more payments systems that you can make available for your app, the wider the user base that you can serve.

Ask for feedback

While there are numerous best practices in app design and development, it’s hard to have a perfect product at launch. Clients have numerous needs and preferences which you will not be aware of until your app has hit the market. This is where client feedback comes in. By implementing features that allow clients to give feedback, you will have access to a trove of information regarding how the app can be further improved. You can then use this information to roll out updates and increase retention rates.

Are you interested in developing an app for your company?

Building an app that draws in and retains users is not always easy, but if you manage to accomplish it, you can take advantage of numerous benefits. It can be done by making the app accessible, useful, diversified in terms of payment options, and by delivering updates over time based on customer feedback.

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