Best Practices for a Landing Page


You may have heard of landing pages (or maybe you’ve read our article on them), and you know just how effective they can be when done right. With the right landing page, you can increase both your conversion numbers and the ROI of your marketing campaigns. But how do you build an effective landing page? In this article, we’re going to cover 5 best practices that can help you out.


1. Define your target

Your products and services are not for everyone. If you sell car parts, they’re not really useful to people who do not own a car. Likewise, you might only be offering products and services locally. In order for a landing page to be very effective, it needs to target the right audience. You likely have a plethora of data regarding your target customer base, and if you integrate that data into your copy and in the way you present the page, your results will be improved.


2. Limit page navigation

Landing pages are laser focused, and less is more in this case. To start, you do not want any superfluous links on the landing page, and you want a clear call to action. If you are using a form to generate leads, keep it as simple as possible – do not ask for more info than you need. Finally, try to keep all the copy and call to action above the fold. Your visitors should not have to scroll down to see your offer.


3. Get faster loading speeds

Web pages that load slowly have much higher bounce rates, and this can have a significant impact on landing page’s conversion rates. If everything looks right, but the numbers are not showing it, you might have a problem with your page’s loading speed. Resize your images, clean up the code, and maybe consider using a better hosting service if you are having issues in this area.

4.Offer value

If you have a lead generation landing page, you will have much more success getting visitors to convert, if you offer a free ebook or webinar with each signup. For purchase pages, you can use a special offer or a discount to encourage conversions.

5.Test the page

A/B testing is a cornerstone of any successful landing page. Something as simple as changing the color of your call to action button can have an impact on conversion rates. Try out different color schemes, designs, copy, and special offers in parallel to see which elements have the best performance. Then standardize these elements and test them again against new iterations.


Are you interested in building a high-performing landing page for your business?


By implementing the right best practices, you can drastically increase the performance of a landing page. Testing, streamlining, understanding your target market, and offering them extra value, will ensure that your landing page is a success. If you would like to find out more, or build a landing page for your business, contact us today.


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