10 Reasons to sell online

The internet is an essential part of our lives or rather, of our DNA because honestly, we can’t “detach” even one day from it. We use it for work, study, entertainment, socializing?

 One of the fastest growing areas, especially in the last year and a half, has been marketing. The resounding change of the Internet, focused on sales, has driven a growth in demand for web developers, graphic designers, digital marketing specialists, Big Data analysts, among other professionals.

Among the most important points of improvement with respect to virtual stores, is the focus on the customer instead of the product that, as strange as it may sound, many still lean exclusively on highlighting the product they offer. This is the formula that has led to the success of stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Alibaba, Mercado Libre, among others. 

The advantages of having an online store are varied, so we want to highlight the following:


Open 24/7/365

The advantage of an online store is the possibility of selling at any time and day of the year. Depending on the product or service, the reach of the store can be worldwide, and due to the lack of dependence on physical persons to make the presentation of the product, as well as to close the sale, time differences are no longer important. This means that while we are sleeping, people on the other side of the world can be viewing or buying what you are offering.  

Giving your customers the possibility of shopping outside traditional business hours is a great advantage for both the customer and the online store.


Simplification of processes

Automated processes on retail websites help to save resources and effort. Today, with just a few clicks, it is possible to buy products or services that in previous years would have required greater complexity during the purchasing process. Another advantage of e-commerce is the savings in paper printouts. 

On the other hand, the complexity of the most routine operations (invoicing, accounts receivable, stock control, accounting…) is also reduced, so that the hours required to perform them are minimized or eliminated.


Cost reduction

Having an online store implies the reduction, and sometimes, elimination of operating costs. 

A reduced need for personnel together with the elements associated with them (salaries, work spaces, supplies, services) is considered one of the factors with the greatest impact in this sense. 


Improve profits

The intelligent combination of using measurement tools, digital marketing, attractive and customer-oriented web development, together with cost reductions, will inevitably lead to better profitability. This allows you to have more money available to reinvest in continuous improvement processes.


Identification of potential customers

A good web design makes it easier to capture information about the characteristics that users have, and thus to know what their needs are. This is vital to be able not only to make improvements in products or services, but also to prepare advertising campaigns that best convey the message, transforming those efforts into sales. 


Access to information and answers

Web stores allow immediate access to all kinds of detailed information about the products or services offered, which allows the user to know everything they need to know about them. 

In case of any doubt, the implementation of chat solutions that offer users the answers they are looking for through pre-programmed answers or with human intervention, will represent an advantage that will make them feel that they are important for our business. 


Competitive advantage

Although virtual commerce is in full expansion, there are traditional businesses that will continue their activity without entering the Internet world, either due to lack of knowledge of their owners, or because they simply feel comfortable with the way they operate. This becomes a competitive advantage, since considering the growing number of people who use the Internet for their purchases, a smaller number of virtual stores favors those who already have one. 


Measurable activity

An important factor is the opportunity to have tools for measuring results, which are evolving according to the increasingly complex activity on the Internet. Having this analytical data, together with a well-defined and structured work plan, allows you to make the necessary changes to guide the operation of the web store towards the achievement of the expected results, through the knowledge of the preferences and needs of your customers, defining better segmentations, and offering the most suitable products.


Efficient inventory management

A high impact benefit is that with a good planning of operations and reliable suppliers helps to require less investment in maintaining high stocks of products. In this way, the storage space required will be smaller, and products can be purchased according to customer orders. The economic impact of this point is perhaps one of the most representative.


Better shopping experience

The advantage of offering a store with a customer-oriented design facilitates the path between searching, viewing and purchasing products or services. And the fact that they can shop from wherever they are and at any time, is another factor that exploits the user’s convenience. With these elements well defined, the user will discover a pleasant shopping experience, which can achieve their loyalty over time, and that they themselves become our best advertisement. 

Every day more and more people do their shopping on the Internet, and nowadays, most of them do it from their cell phones.  That is why a responsive design of the virtual store is essential. 


There are many advantages offered by having an online store, and to be successful, it requires commitment in its development, so having specialists in web design and digital marketing is the initial and most important step. The profitability and competitiveness of a business cannot be left in inexperienced hands, which can compromise the money invested, its image in front of the general public and give competitive advantages to rivals.


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